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Department of Psychiatric NursingCollege of Nursing, Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural and Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS)

About Department :
Welcome to College of Nursing, Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural And Medical Sciences, Raipur, the green & beautiful campus with serene & tranquil surroundings, attractive college buildings, comfortable hostels, amenities, library facilities & friendly faculty; it is an ideal place for learning.

To emerge as the global center of excellence in the best evidence based higher education encompassing a quality centric, innovative & interdisciplinary approach. Generating refutative research & offering effective affordable mental health care for the benefit of the mankind.

The mission of the college of Nursing PGIBAMS, is to provide exemplary and innovative education, research, practice, service and leadership, that improve State, National, and Global Mental Health. The college’s efforts focus on the scholarship of nursing education, research, practice and policy to inform and lead in the delivery and analysis of Nursing and Mental Health Care.

Our Mission is to give care, education and to help mental patients and families afflicted by mental disorders. We want to develop awareness regarding the rights of the mental patients, especially those who cannot fight for their own rights. We will also raise public and professional awareness of environmental influences on the people and families which are responsible for developing mental disorders and how to deal with it.

The aim of this course is to prepare the trainee to function as a qualified professional Psychiatric Nurse in the areas of mental and physical health by offering diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, administrative services, and to work towards promoting the well-being and quality-of-life of psychiatric patients.

The course is developed as a rigorous two year programme with extensive theoretical inputs and widespread clinical experience to acquire the necessary skills in the area of Psychiatric Nursing. On completion of the course, the trainee is expected to perform following functions :

• To diagnose mental health problems.
• To conceptualize specific adult and child’s mental health problems within a psychological framework, giving the consideration to psycho-social/contextual factors, and carryout relevant treatment/management.
• To apply psychological principles and techniques in rehabilitating persons with mental health problems and disabilities.
• To work with the psychosocial dimensions of physical diseases, formulate and undertake focused/targeted psycho-social interventions.
• To work with community to promote health, quality-of-life and psychological well-being.
• To undertake research in the areas of Psychiatric Nursing, such as, mental health/illness, physical health/diseases and relevant social issues viz misconception stigma, discrimination, social tension, gender construction, life – style etc.
• To undertake responsibilities connected with teaching and training in core and allied areas of Psychiatric Nursing.
• To undertake administrative and supervisory/decision-making responsibilities in mental health area.
• To provide expert testimony in the court of law assuming different roles.

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