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Director MessagePost Graduate Institute of Behavioural and Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS)

pictureIt takes one set of limbs to scramble and hew a way through the virgin forest and others just follow on. It takes one man’s courage to sail through the rough weathers and others take a vow to voyage on. It takes one set of footprints to leave a mark for others to tread on. It takes one pair of wings to soar tirelessly to higher mounts and others plunge to get glimpses of the heights. It is one man’s eureka that becomes a cue for others. Well, the trend is already set. We have definitely reached a height and we need to stretch our wings out. Need and scope of the subject is vast. We invite enthusiastic professionals to be with us and be a part of this process of serving and being a part of humane society.

Dr. Prakash Narayan Shukla

Post Graduate Institute of Behavioral & Medical Sciences (PGIBMS)