The Hospital (Manopchar) Facilities
Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural & Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS)

Clinical Instruments & Testing Materials Available in Our Hospital .

• ECT Machines
• Suction Machines
• EEG Machines
• Opthalmoscope
• BP Apparatus
• Ambu – Bags
• Generator Sets
• Computers
• Boyle’s Apparatus
• General Instruments and Equipments
• Laryngoscopes
• Ambulance
• LCD Projectors
• OHP Projector
• Printers
• Scanners

Manopchar Hospital
Santvana Manopchar Mana-Basti, Raipur(C.G.)


• Ladies Ward
• Male Ward
• Private Ward
• Doctor’s Room
• Canteen
• Staff Room (3 Rooms)
• Watchman Tower
• Elect. Cum Pump House
• Hostel (Boys & Girls)

Manopchar : Out Patients Department (OPD)

There is enough & adequate sufficient number of examination cubicles available in the O.P.D.

• Room for reception and registration counter.
• Waiting hall for patients
• Room for Consultant Psychiatrist.
• Room for Clinical Psychologist
• Room for Psychiatric Social Worker
• Room for Neuro-Physician
• Room for Seminar
• Room for modified ECT
• Room for Post-ECT Patient
• Room for EEG recording
• Room for X-Ray
• Room for Patho-Lab
• Room for Behaviuor Therapy
• Room for D.N.B. Trainee
• Room for Physician
• Room for Sex Therapy
• Room for Workup of M. Phil. Students

Entertentment & Recreational Facilities for Indoor Patients
Manopchar : Out Patients Department (OPD)

• Library for Patients (with reading room facility): Novels, Storybooks, Magazines and Newspapers.
• Colour TV Sets in all wards.
• Indoors games - Caromboards, Chess.
• Outdoor games – Badminton, Volleyball.

Occupational Therapy
Manopchar : Out Patients Department (OPD)

  • Tailoring - Two Sewing Machines (One with functions of Pico, Embroidery etc.).
  • Dry Grinding – One Electric Grinder (For training in Spice-grinding).
  • Wet Grinding – One Electric Grinder ( For training in Wet Cereals- grinding).
  • Traditional Craft Making.
  • Gardening.

PGIBAMS Institute Department

Departments of Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural and Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS), Raipur, Chhattisgarh.



DNB (Psychiatry)

Clinical Psychology

M.Phil Degree

Psychiatric Social

M.Phil (PSW) Degree

Psychiatric Nursing

M.Sc (Psychiatric Nursing)