Our Vision
Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural & Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS)

To reach out to the different strata of society and help individuals overcome neurological and psychiatric disorders, through education, enlightenment and service, which is within the reach of all and at the same time comparable to the best in the world.

Our Mission
Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural & Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS)

There are different hieroglyphic shades lurking in our subconscious. Life’s kaleidoscope gives a testimony to that. Whatever progress that has been made in the field of behavioural sciences is just the tip of an iceberg. There are numerous issues to be touched upon and worked on. Our mission is to unravel such aspects that are within and beyond clinical scope.

We aim to embark upon promoting, through academic and professional endeavors, growth and development in the areas of mental health, neuro-sciences and other related subjects keeping in mind the needs of an underdeveloped state like Chhattisgarh and its bordering states maintaining close alliance with national and international agencies. We are gearing ourselves towards reducing the gap between the demand for mental health services and the support provided towards it by making the organization an advanced centre for service, training and research in tune with the global trends and development in these fields.

The rapid advancements in the field of technology and globalization have their drastic impact on us. Out there in the human jungle probably a lone soul in the form a struggling professional, a successful businessman, an aspiring entrepreneur or an ignorant parent, a confused child, a broken home need help. The thrust on public awareness towards mental health is still limited. Addressing different psychological issues that are considered to be stigmas in the society, counseling and supporting psychological concerns on the face of environmental and social change or disasters etc are myriad aspects we want to bring under our fold. We are launching a massive awareness campaign through print and electronic media or organize conferences, symposia etc.


PGIBAMS Institute Department

Departments of Post Graduate Institute of Behavioural and Medical Sciences (PGIBAMS), Raipur, Chhattisgarh.



DNB (Psychiatry)

Clinical Psychology

M.Phil Degree

Psychiatric Social

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Psychiatric Nursing

M.Sc (Psychiatric Nursing)